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    With focus and effort, men can be the perfect husband
Evaluating the Husband issue
Love and Respect Your Wife

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Talk About Household and Personal Finances

Finances are often blamed for divorce. To prevent this from happening in your marriage, spend time talking about your finances with your wife. Be non-judgmental and don’t blame her for everything. Talk about your future and what you both should be saving for. When there is a problem, work with your wife to find reasonable solutions. Many men aren’t open, which leads to conflict and stress and no solutions.

Remember Important Dates

No, you don’t need to remember the time and date you first saw your wife, but you should remember her birthday, your anniversary, and important days like Valentine’s Day. Put it in your calendar and set an alert to remind you if you’re terrible remembering dates. Women care about these things, so send her flowers at her work or take her out to her favorite restaurant. Make a fuss to show you really care.

When Pride Takes Over

When a husband refuses to identify and correct his own flaws, the marriage will suffer greatly, most likely to the point of divorce. Worst yet, when a husband becomes controlling and violent, the wife must separate herself from that situation and seek help. A wife surviving violence should discuss the matter with a domestic violence lawyer to understand her rights and learn how to take protective action.

Be the Perfect Husband

If you want to be the perfect husband, give your wife your best and listen to her when she has something important to say. Remember why you fell in love with her and give her room to explore her passions. Celebrate victories with her and do an act of kindness for her every day. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture. Even the small things make a woman feel special. When you make your spouse happy, you’ll have a happy marriage.